A therapeutic experience

I came to know about Surajhankar quite by accident. With a latent desire to learn Rabindra Sangeet since my childhood, armed with just sincerity and self motivation, but with no knowledge of Bengali and scarce expression in music (or scarce singing abilities), I embarked on this very delightful journey in December 2011 after my retirement from active service. The initial months were very difficult both for my teachers and me. Pronunciation, understanding the meaning of the lyrics as expressed by Tagore and internalizing them are challenges, which I still face today. However, the commitment of the teachers in taking personal interest to help overcome my shortcomings has been very encouraging. This led me to join the degree course in Rabindra Sangeet after completing Sananda I and II. For me the learning experience is both fulfilling and therapeutic and I intend to go on this path as far as it will take me. - Ms Gita Sundaresh

Surajhankar for a Computer Engineer

I am a computer enthusiast.I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from PICT. I have worked for about 3 years as an application developer at a multinational software company, ThoughtWorks. Currently I am pursuing my MS at Carnegie Mellon University. I attended Surajhankar, since my 3rd grade (when I was about 8 years old). The experience at Surajhankar was truly an amazing one and we learnt Rabindrasangeet from the finest of teachers. I completed my Geetabharati degree with First Rank in the year 2005. After a hiatus of 6 years, I rejoined Amit Jethu's (Dr. Amit Mitra) class to learn some of the lesser known songs by Gurudev, which Jethu learnt himself from eminent singers at Shantiniketan. The experience was inexplicable and I would love to join again after I am back to India.- Atreyee Maiti

Surajhankar, Pune - a great experience

Ratna was born in a family, where music was always there. She got her music (Indian classical) lessons from her mother Smt Amita Dasgupta and obtained her B Music from Khairagarh University in 1992. Later she joined Surajhankar and was ranked 1st (1st class) in the year 2012. According to her Surajhankar is not only a school for learning but also helps one to strengthen ones value system. And this institute offers one-to-one coaching which immensely help the students. She is highly impressed with the self less dedication of the faculty in moulding ones vocal calibre in complete form which is lacking in many of the institute s today. She is proud to be a student of this esteemed organisation.


Sripurna is an Electrical Engineering graduate from B E College, Kolkata. She had joined Gitabitan, Kolkata at the early stages of her life and learned Rabindrasangeet for 7 years, before she went on to pursue her academics and then her professional career as Software Engineer in Kolkata. After moving to Pune, she joined Surajhankar to complete the Gitabharati degree course, after 30 years of her last training in Gitabitan, Kolkata. She topped "All India in Rabindrasangeet and Notations" in Gitabharati - 2013. In her words, "Surajhankar provides a great opportunity to all music lovers like me, to pursue our unfulfilled dreams. Thanks to Surajhankar, I am able to stay connected to my roots through the unique and unparalleled creations of Rabindranath Tagore. The quality of training and dedication of the teachers here need a special mention. I get a wider perspective and deeper understanding of the songs through the explanation of the meaning as well as the background of the songs, shared with us by the teachers and our respected Amitda."